DRIVE offers qualified business minded people a unique and rewarding Licensing opportunity.

10 easy steps to Open your own DRIVE Junior Academy

  1. 1. Submit the Contact information Form on our Home Page (put link here)
  2. 2. Pay Licensing Fee ($35,000 first year licensing fee)
  3. 3. Select your Location
  4. 4. Send your location space floor plan to our corporate architect to quickly layout your store design (complete interior design only $2900 USD)
  5. 5. Hire a contractor to build out your space and purchase your store equipment (equipment costs $4900-$8900 USD)
  6. 6. Hire your staff
  7. 7. Have our training team train your staff
  8. 8. Install our computerized Customer Management System in your store to handle all lass scheduling and bookings, pricing, staff scheduling and KPI reports
  9. 9. Begin Marketing and advertising your store minimum of 60 days prior to opening (local advertising, social media etc).
  10. 10. Schedule Soft Opening for 30 days and then Grand Opening

Fully Turn-Key Operation

License fee – $ 35,000 USD first year and fixed annual fees there after depending on projected revenue.

License Fee includes:

  • Use of DRIVE name and Design
  • Electronic CSM (Customer Service Management System) and lesson Scheduling System
  • Website rights and link to official DRIVE website
  • Instructor training Manual and Certifications and link to list certified instructors on DRIVE Corporate site
  • Semesters of Beginner golf and basic English curriculum
  • Store Opening Manual
  • Store Operations Manual
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing materials
  • Staff uniform design
  • Student uniform design
  • Grand Opening Schedule and guide
  • Staffing plan and hiring guide
  • Product offering and price recommendations
  • One week days Staff training for up to 5 people on CMS and equipment usage
  • Marketing booth design
  • Free Trial Pass design and banner ad designs
  • In-store Graphics plan and specifications
  • In-store Design guidelines and material specifications
  • Student Passport and class calendar design
  • Oversee store design and build out (4 consultations with contractor and architect)
  • Access to on-line Instructor Certifications and Certification renewals (coming Jan 2016)
  • On-line DRIVE Student Locker and progress tracking App (coming Jan 2016)
  • Brand Standards Book
  • Logo and signage application details for store and marketing materials

Other Costs and Optional Services:

  • In-store design layout by DRIVE corporate architect- $2900 USD (required)
  • Academy Equipment Package (SNAG)- $6900 USD (required)
  • Staff recruitment, hiring and training – Western GM- $1200 USD (optional)
  • Additional staff training and grand opening assistance- $120 USD per day for over 30 days, $200 per day under 30 days (optional)

Total Minimum Start-Up Costs: $50,000 USD